Schueco Folding Sliding System ASS 70 FD

Schueco Folding Sliding System ASS 70 FD



Complete glass walls can be opened almost fully with the thermally insulated Schueco ASS 70 FD folding sliding door. The door leaf stack folds easily, with minimal force, inward or outward, and slides to the right and/or to the left. The door leaves roll almost silently on high-quality roller carriers and are securely guided at the top and at the bottom.

The individual units are simply folded into a small space and pushed to the sides - quickly and compactly. This creates the ideal connection between the interior and exterior. Schueco ASS 70 FD can be easily combined with other Schueco systems.

System Features/Benefits:

  • Folding sliding system with narrow face widths from 60 mm, proportionally narrow frames to large panes.

  • Attractive design with radiused profile edges.

  • EPDM glazing gaskets with discreet gasket lips prevent black borders.

  • Flush-fitted glazing bead.

  • Outer and vent frames are mitre cut on all corners.

  • Drainage at the lowest point of the profile and large front chambers ensure the best resistance to driving rain.

  • Concealed drainage is also possible.

  • Robust, thermally insulated aluminium profiles.

  • Easy-to-operate (lockable) one-hand handles.

  • Smooth three chamber profiles are robust and easy to join.

  • Wide choice of colours, different colours inside and outside.

  • Burglar resistance class WK 2 in accordance with DIN EN V 1627, dependent on design.

  • Suitable for use on public and residential property.

  • Weathertightness up to class 9A in accordance with DIN EN 12208, dependent on design.

  • Glazing thicknesses of 6-45 mm can be used.

  • Sound insulation up to sound insulation class 4 possible.

  • Folding units move smoothly and quietly.


The Schueco door system to be installed in complete accordance with the information published by Schueco, exclusively by authorised Schueco (5EC-ALU) UK fabricators/installers.

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Schueco Folding Sliding System ASS 80 FD.HI


With the product (ASS 80 FD.HI folding/sliding door), Schueco is offering a unique folding/sliding system, which achieves a Uf value of down to 1.7 W/m²K and a Uw value <1.3 W/m²K. This door is highly thermally insulated system.

The requirements of EnEV 2009 are therefore fulfilled with ease. The outstanding Uf values are achieved as a result of extending the insulation zone, integrating a Centre gasket in the outer frame and using glazing rebate insulation.

Large area systems can be installed in a minimal space in both commercial and private building projects using the highly thermally insulated folding/sliding system.

System Features/Benefits:

  • A lift-and-slide system with high thermal insulation values providing easy, quiet access to balconies, patios and conservatories.

  • Sliding vents run on a single level with no door leaves either inside or outside.

  • Uw values below 1.3 W/m²K

  • Basic depth of 80 mm

  • Narrow face widths of 112 mm (outside view of a standard fold)

  • Schueco AWS 70 BS.HI window vent can be integrated in the folding vent as a turn/tilt vent

  • Outstanding weather tightness due to the gasket in the vent frame and an additional second sealing level in the insulating bar of the vent

  • Units can be fabricated with a continuous outer frame or with a flush, thermally insulated threshold profile for easy access.

  • The system offers a wide choice of styles

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